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Best Upgrade ever

Posted by toby mills on Mar 13 2013 | Technology, Technical developement, Personal

I’ve been building my own computers for years and once upon a time back in the last century I use to upgrade my computer with some sort of new hardware at least every 6 months. Back then it made sense to constantly improve the computer as hardware constantly evolved however each upgrade only made small […]


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Digital Media Forum - Panel Member

Posted by toby mills on Mar 12 2013 | Digital Marketing, Middle East, Marketing

Following on from my recent article in Campaign I have been invited to participate in a panel at the Digital Media Forum where we will be discussing “Creating Engaging Content”.
The Digital Media Forum is being held from the 22-23rd May 2013 at Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa.
Register online and join us. 

a2a_linkname=”Digital Media Forum - Panel Member”;a2a_linkurl=”http://www.tobymills.com/blog/?p=38″;


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Can brand ads work effectively online

Posted by toby mills on Mar 12 2013 | Digital Marketing, Middle East, Marketing, Personal

I was recently asked by Campaign Middle East to comment on the effectiveness of brands advertising online. Unfortunately the final article was unable to contain all my comments so I have posted my responses in full below:
So much of the emphasis in online advertising is on performance-based advertising – should brand advertising be online?
Yes: one of the first online […]


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How to maximise your digital strategy…

Posted by toby mills on Jul 23 2012 | Digital Marketing, Middle East, Branding, Web, Marketing

I had the opportunity last year to present at the Internet Show Middle East in Abu Dhabi discussing how small and medium businesses can maximise digital media to further their brands online. The presentation was kept fairly basis as its designed to show small businesses what digital foundations they should be focusing on and how to get […]


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10 Tips to ensure a comfortable stay at the top of the web.

Posted by toby mills on Aug 17 2009 | Branding, Web, Marketing, Web Development

The following article was written by me and published in Hotelier Middle East, August 2009 Issue. Unfortunately they have not placed it online so i took the liberty…
The 21st century will be remembered as the time when the digital marketplace came of age and people turned in their millions to spend their billions online. Leading […]


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Disappointing session with Nielsen

Posted by toby mills on Jul 01 2009 | Middle East, Web, Rant, Web Development

Ok, I was looking forward to Nielsens presentation on 30th of June 2009. It was billed as “Launch of Nielsen Online Media Measurements for MENA” and they said “The Nielsen Company … will announce the statistics for participating website traffic in the (MENA) region”. Now the Middle east is crying out for some decent online […]


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Questions & Answers on online branding

Posted by toby mills on Jun 15 2009 | Branding, Web, Marketing, Web Development

How a brand engages online advertising must always be in line with its brand strategy and not compromise its core values. Digital is undoubtedly a powerful medium that must be harnessed by clients if they wish to succeed.


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New Facebook usernames: Protect your brands

Posted by toby mills on Jun 10 2009 | Branding, Web, Marketing

As of the 13th of June Facebook will allow users to customise their profiles URL in the format of www.facebook.com/username/. According to Facebook this is designed to make it easier for friends, family, co-workers, and even search engines to find profiles without extraneous scouring of the site.
Putting the user’s handle on the URL isn’t a […]


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When developers make me cry…

Posted by toby mills on Apr 06 2009 | Rant, Web Development, ASP.Net, Technical developement, Personal

From time to time I use web sites which frustrate and anger me. I’m left wondering why they are hard to use, why so little thought has been put in and why some obvious opportunities have been missed. But what really really makes my blood boil is when I see a site that has been […]


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Branding a Browser

Posted by toby mills on Apr 02 2009 | Branding, Web, Marketing, Technology, Technical developement

As i mentioned in my last post I have recently taken a position with The Brand Union in the Middle East. Having only ever worked for IT / Online marketing companies branding is not something that I have given much consideration for. I’ve always realised it’s importance but just left it up to someone else. […]


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